Gain your voice on the internet and improve your market share, we help you establish your web presence and monetize your web investment through the use of social media and technologically advanced web assets.

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Establish your business online or grow you business online with a professionally designed website designed specifically for your goals and personality. Biz Builder Mike provides a complete range of web services including, custom website design, search engine optimization, Social Media Promotion, Content Development, Website Promotion, Content Syndication and Social Media Syndication. Turn your website into money making lead generating machine. For a free consultation just fill out the form and we will be back in tough right away!

  • Choosing the Perfect Domain Name
  • Key Ingredients to monetize your site
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Syndication

For a free consultation just fill out the form and we will be back in tough right away!

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One size does NOT fit all in creative web content development that converts sales for your business.

Unique content development customized for you is what we do, what you need, and most importantly what your customers want. You need

Yeah, so a picture is worth a thousand words.

But a video could be worth a million in sales. In the blink of an eye, the number of videos watched online is skyrocketing. So how do you convert videos on YouTube and your website into sales?

There’s a big difference between a cattle shoot and a cattle chute, right?

There’s also a big difference between a simple website and a highly targeted video squeeze page.

A highly targeted video squeeze page acts like a cattle chute...

Are you like many other people who think “There’s nothing on” even though you have 100+ cable TV channels at home?

Viewers are realizing they have the power of choice online about what they watch and when they watch it.

It’s easy for you to...

That quick! Visitors to your website form opinions.

Creative but comfortable, unique but user-friendly, these are some of the crucial first impression traits that tell the personality of your business.

You have every right to love your website but if

Let’s face it, if you’re over 30 and you’re reading this, you might be hoping this “social media” thing would just go away.

However, we can “socialize” your business, make you smile about FaceBook, put a twinkle in your eye about Twitter, and...

Why spend chunks of money and chunks of time in your busy day driving to and from pursuit of a dead end cold call?

The Content Development Kings can help you to earn more in less time using tactics such as effective email marketing and...

Audio on your website can be like creating your own on-demand radio station that plays only your message.

From podcasts to educational programs to commercials and online interviews.

Audio is faster and easier to stream than video and it...

SEO in internet talk is the ABC’s on how to avoid unrewarded genius.

There is no more common request to our Content Development Kingdom than saving a beautiful website from being listed (and lost) on page 453 of the Google search


If you’re not “going green” today, you’re not protecting the environment or your business.

You might just be telling existing and potential customers you’re so not on the cutting edge that grass may be growing under the feet of your business and your...